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Sebastien Murat (Australia/Switzerland) / READ: more info

TIME: 12-15 Augusti summer 2005
PLACE: Gullmaren, Lysekil, Westcoast Sweden
LANGUAGE: Engelska
TRAINER: Sebastien Murat
Helptrainer: Sebastian Näslund

INCLUDES: Lectures, films, FRC-diving, swimtechniqe, pooltraining, deepdives from boat (max 65 meters).

EXTRA 20-21 augusti Competition in freediving at the same place (CWT/STA/DYN) Aidaranking.

Sebastian Murat comes from Australia. He has over the years made himself known as a pioneer in freediving with his exploring of new techniques. Now he comes to scandinavia to research and to give a clinic in advanced freediving. Sebastien proposes a whole new way of freediving. His methods and ideas can be read here.

During the course he will show footage from his expeditions to the depths outside Borneo/papua Guinea. The course he is holding on the west coast of Sweden will include theory and landexcercises as well as pool training and deep dives from boat. There is plans of setting aside one day for personal coaching.
Sebastien claims that his techniqes can be mastered even by beginners.

The attenders of the course will live at the same place as Sebastien and the crew and there will be lots of opportunities for spontaneous talks on the mysteries of freediving.

Water temp: 22C, Visibility 5-10m
Friday 12 Warm up day, Boat expedition to different dive sites (inkl lunch) 40 euro
Saturday 13 Sea 210euro
Sunday 14 Sea
Monday 15 Full day excursion boat (spearfish discussions) 20 euro
Living 11-13 / each night bed or/floor (kitchen,shower,WC)