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Instructions to pay from abroad.
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There is also the option to pay according to instructions on Murats site

50 euro as register fee to guarantee place. The rest before 12th july

See also the competitions later that week

Registered Murat Clinic 13-14 august
# Name Excursion 12th Clinic Excursion 15th House FEE
1 Mads Isberg (Denmark) Yes Yes Yes 2500
2 Alun George (UK) Yes No Arr.fri 9.55
dep mon 10.20
3 Stig Severinsen (Denmark) Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Ulf Lindberg (Sweden) Yes Yes 500
5 Kostas Kalamaras (Greece) Yes Yes Yes
6 Spiros Papanikolaou (Greece) 11th 21.20
7 Geir Torgersen (Norway) Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Rik Rösken (Netherlands) Yes Yes Yes Yes 10th 13.05
24th 15.25
9 Takis Batavanis (Greece) Yes Yes 11th 21.20
16th 16.30
10 David Dahlgren (SWE) Yes 500
11 Kurt (DK) Yes Yes Yes
12 Henning Larsen (Denmark) Yes Yes Yes

Information to participants

Course starts
friday evening at 18.00 with theory.
There will be a warm-up
excursion by boat at 11.00 at additional cost 17 euro (limited space)
We suggest you arrive at 15.00 and hang out and chat about freediving for couple of hours. We expect you to sign a statement on your medical condition (same as for freediving competition). Please discuss with us first any special medical condition.
We will dive at three differnt places (depending on weather). The course will include diving at nice place at the outer archipelago (20-30 meter), lunch and theory on the beautiful swedish cliffs, and finaly diving at Gåseklåvan where we will find 60 meters at least. We will have the pool as a back-up in case of unpleasant weather.

On monday the 15th we will start an additional event focusing on spearfishing (on a theoretical level since spearfishing is still illegal in Sweden). 9.00 theory, 12.00 excursion by boat (This event 22 euros).

We expect you to have the following equipment; a mask or swim goggles+ nose-plug, fins (optional), snorkel, wetsuit (5mm if you are a crybaby), weight-belt (preferably lead-shot in protective neoprene pouches to prevent damage to pool tiles during pool clinics), optional personal float (e.g., ‘noodle’), water-proof watch, adequate sun (for the brittish participants;-) wind and rain protection, towel, water-bottle, lunch, note-pad and pen. (optional) POLAR heart-rate monitor for biofeedback, (optional)  Suunto D3 (2 nd generation ) dive computer for deep-diving.

Murat will be bringing the O2/CO2 gas analyzers for training feedback & demonstrations. It would be great if participants had their own heart rate monitors so that he can assess their dive response throughout the clinic, and the implications this may have for you personally from a performance and safety point of view. Ideally, you would need to have a Polar heart rate monitor with filing and downloading capabilities. No less than five test will be made on each participant. have specialized freediving equipment for rent if you book in advance.

Please bring extra weight!! This will simplify your training immensly. At least 50% extra. Led can be rented from the organizer if you book in advance.

Lunch we prepare at the house - please bring you own food on the first day. We can stock up on saturday.

You must book your accomodation! info @ About 11 euros per night.

Sebastian (with an A) organizer