AIDA Assembly revote on Loss of Motor Control issue
AIDA International recently convened a Special Assembly to revote a question regarding Loss of Motor Control (LMC) as disqualifying criteria for AIDA record and competition performances.  LMC's after surfacing due to hypoxia currently invalidate any performances within AIDA International.
Although the Special Assembly was a small source of friction within the AIDA Assembly, the democratic tools by which it was called were respected and the vote progressed with many constructive discussions appearing on this topic.
As of February 9th, thirty-six out of forty AIDA Assembly members, a record vote turnout, responded when asked the following fundamental question:

"Do you think AIDA should accept to recognize performances made with Loss of Motor Control (LMC) during record attempts and competitions?;  A. YES  B. NO"
By a vote of 15 - 20 with 1 disqualified vote, the AIDA Assembly has maintained its position that LMC's should be disqualifying criteria for competition and record performances.
Although this vote a success with record vote participation and the showcase of the democratic tools available to its members, this does show a shift in ideas towards this question which has been the foundation of AIDA philosophy since it's inception in 1992.
AIDA International is the premier sport governing body of freediving managing both National and International competitions and record event performances.  August 2005 will see the 1st AIDA Indoor Individual World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland, while September 2005 will see the 1st AIDA Outdoor Individual World Championships in Nice, France. 
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Kirk Krack
AIDA VP America's