Lysekil 100 km north of Gothenburg.
West coast of Sweden.

Gothenburg 400 km north of Malmö/Copenhagen.

Lysekil main "summertown" at the northern westcoast. Lovely cliffs, seals, sailboats, nightlife.

Gullmaren is Swedens only fjord. Maximum 110 meters divedepth.

From Gothenburg trainstation take bus from adjacent buss terminal. Leaves many every day (10 euro) from stop 37.
Schedule: (

Buss 841 towards Lysekil. Pay to SKÅR.

With car go E6 north towards Oslo.

After 800km (after the beautiful bridge) turn (Right and) LEFT towards Lysekil.

After about 10km there is a roundabaout with a supermarket. Good place to shop food.

Dive site
Stop at SKÅR (at yellow ferry). That´s the X on the map. From here the boat leaves for the dive site. See picture here.

The house (thats the lower ring on the map). Sleeping on floors or bed. Kitchen. Shower.
You will be coming on the thick road from the right. Get of at Bokenäs school and hitch a ride from there. With car - turn left after Bokenäs school towards ERIKSBERG

Follow road 3km ( straight ahead) to water - pass the sign ERIKSBERG - drive down to the water - continue 300 meter up a hill (left road at fork). Take SHARP left at postboxes. "Gustav Bäcks väg". Grey house to the left.

Look at one of four rooms here