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Aida has not been known for prompt information so I feel this text is beneficial for all parties and the freediving community as a whole.

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Tom Sietas had his A sample from his previous static record come up positive some year ago but was cleared by the B-sample. The A-sample held the smallest measurable amount of a substance that would actually be good for breathholding - Metoprobol (similar to Nadrolon) - a betablocker that reduces heart rate. The amount was close to nothing but was considered positive. Tom looked for explanations and mentioned that his roommate was actually taking this betablocker as a medical treatment. Read his comments here.

Upon Tom Sietas request the B-sample was sent to another laboratory – “IDAS Institut für Dopinganalytik und Sportbiochemie” (I.O.C accredited). IDAS could not find anything (0.00000ng/ml) in the sample. According to Tom the responsible person additionally said that in this laboratory the original quantity of 1.1ng/ml of métoprolol would not have been reported as positive due to “minimal required performances” (an I.O.C accredited laboratory must be able to detect a certain limit of a substance, the limit of métoprolol is much higher than 1.1 ng/ml.)
Anyhow his B-sample was clean and the A-sample could have been contaminated at the lab. But showing up once again with a positive A-sample will start rumours and speculations again. Toms sucess actually does not speak in his favor. In static he sort of came from nowhere and left the rest of the field behind. While mentioning this we must not forget that Tom has held two approved breathholds of 8'47'' and 9'24'' (negative results doping tests). Obviously he does not need doping. Since he is one of our best athletes he is also one that has been tested more than others.

There is so much prescription drugs being used in our society nowadays that small traces actually has found its way down to the groundwater.

For people eating anything but regular food there is a chance of getting doped by misstake. If one is unlucky traces of forbidden substances can be found in food suplements and special vitamins. Manufacturers of these products may produce "forbidden" substances in the same machines that are not properly sanitized inbetween.
Some vitamins/supplements contain 'banned' substances like DHEA or pro-hormones like androstenedione, androstenediol.

By adapting to these strict doping tests (similar to International Olympic Committe standards) Aida shows that it is dreaming about the olympics one sweet day. But many has argued that most of the things on the IOC doping list does no good for the anaerobic freediver performances and that there are some legal stuff that should be on the list instead. Aida has the ambition to create its own doping list which bans ONLY the substances that enhaces freediving performance - but the people with the right knowledge has not had the time so far. The sooner the better one might feel after pondering the facts written here.

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Interesting about doping

Aida Disciplinary Comission of 2004
Karoline M. MEYER , Brazil , Advocate
Yanis CALLANDRET, Switzerland, Advocate
Julien LANFRANCONI, Switzerland, Lawyer
Dr. Philippe AFRIAT, France, Physician
Dr. Eliot LIGHT, USA, Physician
Antoine INDACO, Switzerland, Chemist
Yannis ANGELIS, Greece, Sportive Personality
Christian ENGELBRECHT, Denmark, Sportive Personality
Joanna MASSACAND, Switzerland, Sportive Personality as Athlete
Dr. Eduardo Henrique DE ROSE, Brazil, Physician, Consultant
Intresting quote from from the web; Eric Fattah writes on the "Sebastien Nagel, president of AIDA, takes beta-blockers for a heart condition he has. He also says that while under the influence of beta-blockers (banned by IOC), he has broken the static world record several times. Beta-blockers dramatically reduce your heart rate."