Svensk fridykning

Constant weight was held from the motorcatamaran Sirenis. Two lines lowered from the back. The boat could be moved according to depth and weather.

Things he has been heard saying:"I like freefalling into the abyss"
"I am not scared, but I have some respect"
"You need a strong mind, be determined and think about what you do"
"I use a lot of weights. I don´t like to swim down. I like to concentrate on my equalization" (he uses 3 kg)
"I use competitions to try my limits"
"It´s an instincts - you will make it to the surface - maybe clean - maybe not"

Nitsch puts some kind of liquid in his ear before diving. Probably vineger.

Herbert is 31, flies planes for KLM (if I am not misinformed). Doesn´t have a scuba licence. Learnt some freediving from Hubert Maier, otherwise learnt most things by himself. Has 3-4 hours drive to nearest lake. Has never BO in sea but in a pool once. Would like to be the first one hitting 100 in constant and will try to beat his own record in dynamic (because he heard Andy le sauce is training to beat his 170 meters). Improved his personal best training in static from 6.30 to 7.49 during Ibiza championships.

Nitsch 1 minute before dive.
World record dive done in competiton with ordinary mask and wights. Nitsch says he is aiming for 100. Also worth noticing is that he is building a sled with his brother in his garage.
 Umberto Pelizzari

The future.


No Pradon was not disqualified.
Karoline Dal Toe (Brazil)
World record holder in static.
Japanese diver. A nation with a lot of potential.

Andy le Sauce, claims not to be as fit as when he was 53. Holder of 16 present and former world records. has swam under water for 24 hours in a row. Breathing once every 25 meters.

Lives in Reunion, Indian ocean.

The only russian diver that could make it to the competition. Julia Patrick (35 meters and around 5 minutes static) is planing to be a full time freediver.