World record attempts under ice failed
text: Sebastian Näslund - march 2006 First page here

According to local swedish newspaper Norrlandska Socialdemokraten in the north of Sweden, scotish Daros Grays attempts to break nine freediving records under ice has failed.

In the article he says that "science" is his motivation. He wants to show that human beings can perform under stress and in extreme environments.

Swedens deepest lake - Tornetrask north of the polecircle - Photo: Hans Sternlund

Many things did not go his way. Ice turned out to be 90 cm thick and chainsaws frooze. He got one wake opened and turned his attention on setting a Static record "under ice". Due to stress he aborted the attempt. Extreme environment and stress, was the winner this time, it seems.

On saturday he had a 135 meter course set up under the ice with wakes every 25 meters. 15 meters shorter than Christian Redl´s performance in an Austrian lake. Having not trained with the scooter previously he found himself hitting his head in the ice. There seems to have been a "weighting problem": "the scooter going down, the dry suit pulling up". He aborted at the first 25 meter hole.

On the positive side the article describes how Daros now aknowledges other achivements under ice: "He is out to break the length record under ice, which is 100 meters, set by an italian."

He made a promise to the local media: "I´ll be back".

Freediving results made under ice- (most of them not verified by any third party):

Men Records done "under" ice - - -
Name / Country category Date Place Result
Domagoj Jakovac /Croatia FIM 050515 Norway 55
Christian Redl / Austria DYN 030214 Austria 90
Nicola Brischigiaro DNF 85
Kristijan Curavic /Croatia,Norway CWT (done on the polar ice) Kike 54
Christian Redl / Austria DYN scooter 150
Eric Fattah CWT no ice but 4 degrees celcius 67
In Sweden we have registered CWT dives of 45 and 54 meters. Here is a video of M.Spepanek doing 85 meter DYN.
Women Records done "under" ice - - -
Name / Country category Date Place Result
Mattia Malara / Italy DYN 0603?? Turin 70