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Nordea Plusgirot

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Stigbergsliden 5
SE-414 63 GBG

Hydrodynamics - dive response - weighting - training methods
Pool clinic for freedivers
World class instructors
23-25 february 2007 - friday evening to sunday.
235 euro - Gothenburg Sweden

Hydrodynamics and swimtechnique with freediving world champion Stig Severinsen.

Intelligent gym-training and diet introduced by Personal trainer Annelie Pompe.

Warm-up strategies/training methods/attitudes based on (among others) Murats ideas. Henning Larsen (Denmark), Elizabeth Kristoffersen (Norway), Sebastian Naslund (Sweden)

- Technique DYN/DNF (videofilming). Stig Severinsen
- Weighting (build your weights); Århus Fridykar klubb
- Dive response experiments and spirometri Sebastian Näslund
- Mouthfillexcercises and negative dives 10 meter deeptank. G.A.S
- Lecture on "ears". Måns Eeg-Olofsson (ENT doctor)
- Yoga for freedivers. Stig, Sebastian, Mia Näslund
- Theory regarding DR - powerpoint..
- O2 measurements on all participants
- Muscle & Cardiovaskular training, and nutrition Annelie Pompe.

Assistants: Klara Hansson and Emil Österlund

Start 18.00 friday - 16.00 sunday
Vegetarian food 8 euro meal. Bed 22 euro/night. Check here (choose Masthuggsterrassen eller Stigbergsliden). Cheaper beds (further away) (Nordengården 8 euro)

DYN 100 or DNF 75.
Be able to endure 1.30 minutes of B-reflexes i static.

Pulsemeter is good to bring and suitable weights.