April 2006



Foto: Sebastian Naslund

Report from an advanced poolcourse in freediving (Sweden).
Stig Severinsens former world record holder from Denmark gave personal and detailed instructions on efficient and streamlined DYN and DNF swimming. A subject he has given a lot of thought and practice over the years. Thanks to, among other things, his swimming style he moved the DNF world record from 134 to 166 meters some years back. In his club i Aahrus Denmark he has together with Peter Pedersen developed new talents in the pool disciplines, something he says will be at public display at the coming world championships in Egypt (did I hear the word "Goldmedals"?) Stig advicing Klara to control her "behinds"

Myself I instructed on the subject of warm-up strategies. These tools where very well recieved by the talented participants from three different countries. Within 15 hours 5 of the participants had set Personal bests. Later another two joined them with personal bests of their own. After a pep talk from Stig most participants left the course with new goals they had not even thought possible three days earlier.
This report might sound like a commercial, but fact is - it was a very successfull course. There was a few miscalculations though: it should have been a day longer, better (healtier) food should have been prepared and there where to many pools involved.
Having said this - one of the main themes along the course was how to deal with external factors. There are never perfect circumstances and we must train our attitudes to deal with unexpected things.

Per Westin trying ot a new neckweight

Annelie Pompe advicing on what not to eat. Måns Olofsson describing parts of ears.
Including trainers and lecturers we where a small group of 11 people. An ENT doctor had a lecture on the ear focusing on discussions regarding equalization and potential injuries. Annelie Pompe (certified Personal Trainer) lectured on muscles, cardio and diet specialized on freediving. With the help of "Fridykning.se" she has in only 9 months developed to the depth of 60 meters and has given hard thought on some of the essential factors of a successfull dive. The weekend included yoga and discussions on mental attitudes on how to deal with stress and motivation. Excercises where also done in a 10 meter deep tank.

Elisabeth looking for the perfect weighting with the help of Emil.

17 year old Elisabeth from Norway did a 124 meter DYN with half-murat style. She started with a 1 min static to establish the DR and after a total time of 2.53 she had surpassed her PB with 10 meters. Per managed a personal best to 119 meters DYN. If he had added a short sprint at the end followed by proper breathing he could have added another five meters I estimate. Young Tobias managed a 105 meter DNF in a 17 meter pool. Stefan did a PB 81 meter DNF dive. Ricky from Denmark had all his weighting sorted out and with a Elios suit with a lot of glide he did a very stable 90 meters DNF. This was way above his PB and one of the reasons was a changed warm-up strategy. While most others choose no warm-up (no suit) or a warm-up breathold on land, Ricky choose to do a short empty lung swim.
All dives where filmed and watched on screen afterwards.

Since there are so many factors in freediving it is hard to point out the one and only perfect warm-up strategy - every day is a new day and so many internal and external circumstances has to be weighed. This course aimed to make the participants aware of all possible factors and start taking responsability for their own choices. What was given was a lot of new effective tools to use.

The participants left the course well balanced (weighting) and was offered a personal gym training programme aswell as a neckweight. Spirometertests were done on the lungvolumes. The poorer participants where offered free accomodation.

This course will be repeated next year, but with one day extra.
We also recommend the Murat course in september 2006.