August is the warmest and calmest month in this area. It can be sunny and calm - but also look like this.

South westerly winds can be a problem. Competition can be done in winds up to about 20 knots (9 m/s). But thats not nice.

There are no currents and the line is always straight.

For depths over 80 meters, we could driftdive above 110 meters of depth. If there are winds the line is hard to keep straight since the boat is light.

Stinging jellyfish can be a problem.

Visibility can be anything from 1-10 meters.

There are thermoclines and it is very cold down there.

Some images from Nordic deep 2006
(Photo:Andreas Valette, Andreas Apelqvist, Agne Olausson, Sebastian Näslund)
Pictures from 2004/2005