Until recently it was believed that one of Swedens best spots for freediving only could be reached by boat. But there is a small dirtroad followed by a walk and a small climb over the cliffs. Once there you have a 50 meter swim to the wall. A sheer drop down to over 70 meters it is believed. A few strokes out it could be as much as 90. The wall is somewhat protected from the SW winds, but any waves will find its way round the corner. It is somewhat tricky to get in for the less vigilante but once in it is one of the best freedives to be had. Usually there is a thermocline some 10 meters which gives less visibility (3-4 meters) but down below usually over 10 meters. Light stretches far down.

1) Gullmaren
2) Ferry to Lysekil
3) Road to Skaftö
4) Road to Torseröd
5) Dirtroad to camping and divesite west of ferry
6) Dirtroad to Gåseklåvan, sign towards "Bokenäs servicehus".
7) End of public road.
8) End of private road.
9) 200 meter walk down to beach.
200 meter walk westvard along shore (some climbing)
10) Gåseklåvan. Rusty chains on opposite side of wall.