Short summary of Nordic Deep 2006 15-20 august

*85 meters depth, close to land.

* More than 10 nationalities present.

* 19 national records where beaten. 157 performances where judged. Possibly the largest competition this year.

* Stig from Denmark and Elizabeth from Norway won on totalpoints from their best dives in depth, length and time. They both walked away with a 100 euro.

* Andrea from Slovakia won the new Sporasub polytech instinc fins, Hans-Olof from Sweden won leaderfins, Erik Milles won an Eliosub suit, Klara Hanson an Eliossub bag. A swatchwatch was given several prices from Sporasub and great Earth where given. Henning walked away with the Suunto D3. All prices where given after a draw among all present athletes and crew.

* Three swedish records where broken but three attempts to challenge FIM and female CNF failed. Weine Gustavsson got a squeeze in the process.

* There where 7 BO´s (about 4% of the performances). Klara Hanson scared us all with a deep BO at 21 meters. She where picked up by the safety, but at the surface BTT had to be followed by a CPR-blow. The incident led to a fierce debate about the best way of handling a BO victim. Wolle and Stig had different opinions. A first aid medic, a hyperbar doctor and a biologist added valuable information and a few new insights were given to the assembly of divers.

From left: Elizabeth, Tobias, Jesper, Vladimir, Anders, Michael, Eva and driving the boat Emil.

*Only two deepdives were aborted due to stinging jelly fish. Next year we will be better.

*Peter Lindholm from Karolinska Institutet took part in a 2.5 hour long lecture together with Mats Liner and Johan Andersson (apnea scientist from Lund). Hypoxi damages and squeeze where on the agenda.

* Yoga where done in group before breakfast

* Scientists stayed all week to do research and take samples from certain athletes.

* Nine persons where educated in the new EU approved system of CPR.

* Henning did 200 meter in the shallow 25 meterpool. Stig did 150 meter w/o fins. Wolle did a deep dive to 75 meters with fins in the green hole of Gåseklåvan. Elizabeth from Norway did 150 meters DYN but did not remove her noseclip.

* Results here.

* Added to the aidaranking we used a system of nordicdeep points in order to compare different disciplines.