Nordic Deep is organized by "" in cooperation with Aidasweden.

You have to be 18 years old (or 16 with parents consent).
You have to be an Aidamember in your country.
You have to hold a medical certificate no older than 1 years.
Unknown diver must show country identification.
Aida international rules will apply.
Every discipline will be reported to Aida ranking in the official way:

• First and last name of athlete, Nationality, Sex, Realised performance (RP), Announced performance (AP), Possible penalties, Total points given the performance, Exact date, if the competition spanned more than one day

STA 12 points/min, DYN and DNF 0.5 points per meter, FIM,CWT,CNF 1 points per meter.

No ND points 2010.
Every athlete has the option to compete according to the Nordic deep pointsystem. Points will be added from the best performance in depth, distance and time and an overall ranking will be presented.

PROTESTS will be accepted from right after your performance and dealt with as soon as judges have time. If a new ruling goes in your favor, there will be time to put you in the startinglist the same day.

Aida competition rules in short.
Every athlete is obliged to know the latest rules. Latest version of Aida rules can be found here or here. More on how LMC or BO is interpreted

- Tell the judge one day before what you plan to do (time, length or depth)
- You must be present in view of judges 60 minutes before your start.
- You may use any mask, nose clip and weights all over the body (with quickreleases).
- You must have a securely attached lanyard 30-150 cm.
Big carabiner and quick release at wrist. Also used at warm-up.
- You may have lanyard attached at waist at a separate belt in CNF.
- A depth gauge will be placed on the opposite hand of the lanyard.
- You get a 2 minute countdown and may start up to 30 seconds after START
(10 secs after Top Time (pool disciplines) you will get penalties if not started).
- Be careful not to hold the rope or pool edge until after breaking the surface.
- You may not grab the line, but pull once on the line at the turn.
- At surface, within/during 15 seconds;
1) Stay with airways above surface.
2) Remove all face equipment.
3) Give ONE OK sign to the judge.
4) Say "I´m OK!".
In this order! No one shall touch you during this period.

The fun competition staticrelay is not Aida competitions but will be based losely on Aidarules. You are expected to do the surface protocol.

Good luck!

Upon arrival you will be asked to fill in this.

There will be two strong safetydivers by the rope. There will be an anti-ballast system that can bring up the bottom plate. Stay away from the "drop-zone" of the anti-ballast. All depth competitions require lifeline (lanyards) (can be borrowed). Lifeline is also required during warm-up dives. There will be one safetydiver by the main warm-up rope. A doctor and/or first aid medic will be present. We have a depth sounding device monitoring your dive. We will check oxygen saturation on suspected Squeeze cases.

Lanyard should be placed on wrist or on ankle.
In CNF (only) lanyard can be placed on separate belt above/over weightbelt.
1) Lanyards should be used in all warm-up dives (bring your own).
2) Always use lanyard in FRC or negative warm-up dives.
3) No warm-up dives without a dive buddy on the surface!

Break these rules and be disqualified before you even compete. We will be looking for an incident where we can set an example - so follow these rules.
Be in transition zone (boat is OK) 5 minutes before your START!

The best safety is, above all, your own judgement - we expect you to bring it!

Dive within your limits according to how you feel that day!

During the daily registration we will ask for the following: Name / announced performance / personal best / expected duration of dive / name of coach / if it is a record attempt.

This is the way the Nordic Deep competition has been reported to Calender and Ranking.

Nordic Deep 2010

CWT/CNF/FIM extra weather day