Apnea Science Symposium
Lectures on the medical aspect of freediving.
Friday evening 17th august 2008

Peter Lindholm, Johan Andersson and Erika Shagatay has planed to come...

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Friday 17th (2006) 19.00 Lysetrand (20k east of Lysekil)

19.00 presentation Sebastian Näslund (moderator)

19.05 Safetysystems at freediving competitions

19.15 Q & A

19.30 Peter Lindholm (Karolinska Institutet), Johan Andersson (Lunds Universitet), Erika Shagatay (MittUniversitetet).

Q & A

21.45 General Q & A all "apnea-medical" issues

22.30 End.

Squeeze - ett outforskat område som syftar till tryckskador på lunga och/eller strupe.

DAN on Apnea

Johans Anderssons project