CWT - as deep as you can with fins. This is the most prestigous discipline in competetive freediving.

Sporasub - an italian manufacturer of spearfish and freedive equipment. They have been around for many years and their products are shaped by thousands of dives in the mediterranean sea. Mares now develops the Sporasub line of equipment under the name of Mares instinct.

Their standard freedive suits are very priceworthy. Their samurai glas mask a favourite, their bifin footpockets are very popular among freedivers. The elastic belt worn world wide. Now they introduce the polytech fins for freediving and a mask called Star with low volume and good visibility.

In order to increase safety at depth NORDIC DEEP will be monitoring every deep dive with a depth sounder. Keeping track of the bottom, floating obstructions, and the movement of the freediver. Full control.